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Who We Are

Long, long ago (January 2013) in a town full of peaches and snow (Grand Junction, CO) a little company called Gelu Italian Ice was born. With a handful of recipes handed down for generations, a single batch freezer, and a pair of pushcarts, Gelu went to market and began to win the locals’ hearts. With a marketing plan built on free samples, Gelu was so busy their employees were nearly trampled! 


As the years passed, one batch freezer became two and production moved very fast! The two little green carts multiplied to six, and soon there were twice as many employees in the mix. Gelu seemed to be everywhere, but this wasn’t enough for the Gelunatics who clamored for more of this good stuff.... 


In summer 2015 Gelu grew again and the “shack” opened its doors. With over 20 flavors to mix, the Shack became the best place in town to get your sweet fix. Locals could now get their daily dose of dairy-free perfection; it was so popular they voted Gelu BEST in The Dessert Election! (4 years in a row). 


Winter hibernation was the routine for Gelu in Colorado, so in January 2019 we knew we had to leave the snow. Beaches, palm trees, and warmer (ok, HOT!) weather beaconed, we gotta go we reckoned. Texas was the spot that won our hearts; we knew it was the right place to showcase our carts. While tasting thousands and thousands of samples of Gelu, Texans quickly became Gelunatics, too! One short year in The Lonestar State and Gelu’s future is clearly fate. 


We are home now in Houston, Waco, and Maybank; for this, we have YOU to thank! 


What’s next for Gelu? We don’t know yet, but it’ll be big, you can bet!