GELU 21 4th

Italian Ice for Adults? Here’s the Scoop

Summer is just around the corner, and in order to tackle the intense Texas heat, Gelu is bringing back one of its most popular attractions: Adult Italian Ice! Our line of Gelu 21 drinks feature a variety of delicious italian ice flavors blended into perfect frozen drinks with your choice of liquor. 

As sweet as they are strong, Adult Italian ice is the ideal accompanying beverage for the sweltering months ahead. So stop by Gelu today at one of our convenient locations in Houston, Waco, or Maybank.

What’s your flavor profile?

Everyone has their own unique flavor preferences. Some like their drinks sweet, some like them a bit spicy, and some are all about the fruit. But whatever your taste buds crave, we have the high-quality ingredients to satisfy your hankerings, even if they evolve and change with the seasons. 

At Gelu Italian Ice, we like to highlight our six most popular boozy beverages when introducing new customers to our menu. But as you explore our enticing options, keep in mind that any and all flavors and liquors can be combined to match your preferences, even if it’s not listed here.

Mango Tango 

If you can’t travel down to the tropics to get your taste of exotic fruits, fear not! We have an excellent alternative to quench your equatorial cravings with our Mango Tango Italian ice cocktail. Featuring our fresh-fruit base of mango gelu and a tantalizing topping of tequila, you’ll only need to close your eyes and take a sip to feel like you’re relaxing on the white sand beaches of the Caribbean.

Pina Colada 

It doesn’t rain a whole lot in the summer months of Texas, but since you won’t be needing your free hand for an umbrella, why not use it to hold a Pina Colada gelu instead? Soft and sweet Italian ice is infused with decadent pina colada flavor and mixed with rum to create a refreshing libation that will keep you cool and calm even on the hottest days of the year. 

Italian Margarita

When most people think of margaritas, their mind likely goes to Mexico. But did you know that the Italians have their own unique twist on the tequila-based concoction? Our Gelu 21 creation features a triple-threat combo of Mango, Lime, and Pina Colada Italian ices, then combines these fruity flavors with a hearty pour of top-shelf tequila. Whether you say it in Italian or Spanish, you’ll be asking for seconds of this scrumptious frozen drink.

Orange Dream 

Remember the days of your childhood when you would enjoy an orange dreamsicle fresh from the freezer? Although you might have outgrown chasing down the ice cream truck, you certainly don’t have to give up the delicious taste of rich cream and oranges. Give our Gelu 21 Orange Dream a try! This flavor features the nostalgic notes of our Orange Cream Italian ice, perfectly balanced out with a shot (or two!) of vodka.

Southern Heat 

If the South is known for one thing, it’s the heat. But you don’t have to suffer and sweat this summer! Take on the rising temperatures with a Southern Heat in your hand. This Italian ice cocktail combines Sweet Tea gelu with cinnamon-infused whiskey. And if it gets a bit too spicy? Well, just counteract the Fireball by doing a cannonball into the pool.

Cherry Lemon Drop

Can’t decide between cherry limeade and traditional lemonade to quench your thirst? With the Cherry Lemon Drop, you don’t have to! Get the best of both fruity worlds with a Cherry and Lemon gelu swirl combined with a stiff pour of vodka. Crisp, refreshing, and balanced, you might find it hard to stop after just one Cherry Lemon Drop.

Start Sipping!

Gelu is open for business and prepared to help you stay cool this summer. Drop by one of our Texas locations today to experience any one of these popular adult Italian ice cocktails, or feel free to create your own! We hope to see you sipping with us soon.