Back in the Lab

Gelü is back in the lab, working on new flavors of ice for all the connoisseurs out there. In addition to the already amazing bundle of pure decadence produced locally by Gelu, they are adding four new tantalizing tastes. Please welcome: Margarita, Red Raspberry, Sugar-Free Lemon, and Sugar-Free Cherry.

First, let’s talk about Red Raspberry. They already have an amazing flavor called Black Raspberry. This dark purple blend of blackberries, water, and sugar creates a deep, full flavor that can only compare to the new Red Raspberry. Red Raspberry brings the rich taste of Black Raspberry and adds a light refreshing twist. Instead of using black raspberries they use the more tart red raspberries. Same great recipe with a crisp new taste. Don’t worry, Black Raspberry isn’t going anywhere!

Margarita!? Yes, I said Margarita! Don’t worry, Gelü remains a kid-friendly, so no booze allowed. That doesn’t mean you can’t grab a gallon and add your own at home. If you are not a drinker but still enjoy the Mexican flavor of a refreshing margarita you are in luck… It has the same crisp twang as the Loco Lime but it has an extra dose of cool freshness – ahhhhh….

For those of you who are diabetic or maybe just watching your calorie and sugar intake, Gelü to the rescue!  Introducing: Sugar-Free Lemon and Sugar-Free Cherry.  These flavors are a treat for your tastebuds with less than a gram of sugar and about half the carbs as the originals.

Come on down to the “Ice Box” in Sutherland’s parking lot and try them all today!